SIP Trunking Overview

What is a SIP Trunk?

In simple terms, a SIP Trunk is a connection or service that provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  TrueVoIP SIP Trunks connects your existing phone system to our service allowing your business to communicate by transmitting and receiving telephone calls over your existing Internet connection.  The biggest benefit to SIP Trunks with TrueVoIP is the cost savings that come from eliminating older traditional telephone lines.  In addition to that, you may be paying additional or separate long distance fees or higher International rates depending on your current telephone provider.  With TrueVoIP there are no long distance charges for calls in the US and Canada, and we offer very competitive rates on International calling.  Many customers also notice a higher "HD" voice quality that they didn't have before.

How it works

Below is a simple illustration that shows the core pieces of our SIP Trunking solution.  Contact us to verify compatibility of your phone system.

TrueVoIP SIP Trunk Pricing

The following section outlines basic pricing for TrueVoIP SIP Trunks.  For an official quote, contact us any way you'd like.

Metered Plan

Our metered plan has no limitations or restrictions on concurrent calls or minutes allowing for a pay what you use model, perfect for small businesses.

Starting at

Unlimited Plan

Have a high call volume?  Our Unlimited Plan includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada.  Just choose how many channels (concurrent calls) you need.

Starting at

Phone Number

Buy new phone numbers, or bring your existing ones with you.  TrueVoIP will never charge you porting fees.  International numbers available.²

Starting at

¹Rates listed include calling within the United States and Canada only.  International rates are variable and are billed per minute on all plans.

²Numbers not available in all rate centers.  Pricing and availability may vary per country and rate center for all International numbers.

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