Cloud PBX Overview

Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX is a form of business telephone system that utilizes internet-based technologies rather than traditional telephone lines. It uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to route calls over the Internet, allowing businesses to quickly and easily expand when necessary. Hosted PBX can allow for multiple extensions, directed calls, and the transfer of calls over multiple devices. It can also give mobile workers the ability to work outside of the office which can provide greater flexibility in terms of customer service.

What are the benefits of Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX?

Budget Friendly

By moving your phone system to the cloud, your business can save money by eliminating the need for special licensing, renewals, on-site service calls, and expensive phone bills from your local telephone company. TrueVoIP customers have saved as much as 80% over their existing phone service. We provide free setup and installation. 


Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX offers many reliability benefits to users. These include high-availability systems, with redundancy measures for optimal uptimes; automatic updates for bug fixes and new features; and geographically distributed deployments for the ultimate in fault-tolerance. In addition, cloud PBX/hosted PBX systems are trained to manage and mitigate quality issues like jitter, latency, and dropped calls.


Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX offer a number of scalability benefits. With a hosted PBX, you only need to purchase and manage what you need, as opposed to buying a full on-premises PBX system with hardware and software, and the capability to rapidly add or subtract users and features. This flexibility allows businesses to quickly and easily adapt to an influx of new employees or seasonal staffing requirements and dramatically reduce the cost of ownership. Additionally, businesses can scale their voice services up or down as needed, using an a la carte approach to selecting only the features they need.


TrueVoIP includes FREE remote support for all users, whether you need assistance with an IVR setup, or you're working from home and can't get your phone to register. Check our help site for answers to the most common questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, we're a quick phone call, live chat, email, or text away.


TrueVoIP includes most, if not all, of the features you'd expect from an expensive enterprise phone system – all for a low monthly per-user fee. We're also constantly developing new features and better ways to use TrueVoIP. Our goal is to provide you with highly reliable features at the lowest cost possible.


Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX offers many advantages when it comes to flexibility. It provides businesses with cost savings and scalability that can be adjusted according to the company’s needs. It allows for remote access, as it enables users to access telephone services from anywhere – hot desking in any office or using a mobile app for calls from any location. This makes it great for distributed teams or businesses with multiple office locations. It also provides features such as virtual numbers which give users the ability to set up a local presence by using a virtual number in another country or city. Businesses need not buy any expensive hardware, as all of the services are hosted in the cloud. Another benefit is that unlike a premise-based PBX system, the cloud PBX is managed on an ‘as needed’ basis and requires no in-house IT support. In addition, hosted PBX offers additional security and redundancy, flexibility and scalability, ensuring that businesses have one reliable and secure communications platform for their needs.

TrueVoIP Cloud PBX Features

Unlimited Calling
​US & Canada

Call Park

Place a call on hold and allow anyone to dial an extension and take the call

Call Waiting

Receive a tone indicating another call is waiting for attention


With TrueVoIP you don't just get basic voicemail.  You get custom greetings, voicemail-to-email, group mailboxes, voicemail transcription (coming soon), and more

Caller ID
Name & Number

Know who's calling before you answer, and setup number blocking for those pesky callers and marketers

Busy Lamp Field
Presence User Monitoring

Setup your phone buttons to monitor the availability of others users on the system

Call Hold

Place a call on hold while speaking with another call

Supervised/Attended Transfer

Allows a user to privately check with another user before the caller is connected to the new destination

Blind Transfer

Transfers a call to another destination immediately with no intervention


Quickly page another users phone and allow them to respond without picking up the phone

Group Paging

Broadcast a message to a group of phones and/or external devices such as overhead paging speakers in real-time

Call Forwarding

Automatically transfers to another extension or number if the called line is busy or does not answer

Do Not Disturb

Allows a user to ignore any incoming calls by silencing the phone ringer and sending calls straight to voicemail

Call Recording

Record conversations, configurable per user, device, or company wide

Attendant Console

The TrueVoIP Attendant Console allows you to interact with calls via your web browser by answering, transferring, parking, and more


The TrueVoIP Webphone is a browser based phone client that can act as a replacement for a desk phone

Mobile App
​(iOS & Android)

Use the TrueVoIP Mobile App to make and receive calls and text messages on the go so you can take the office anywhere


Automatically displays the telephone number and physical location of the 911 caller on the emergency operator's screen

Ring Groups

 Groups of extensions that are organized to process calls based on the configured call routing method

Auto Attendants/IVRs

Allows someone to dial into a main number and be presented with a menu that allows them to choose a destination, dial an extension, access the directory, and more

Customizable Schedules

Route calls based on time of day, day of week, specific dates and date ranges, and more

Customizable MoH
​(Music on Hold)

Use the built-in music, or upload your own custom music and greetings for callers to listen to while waiting on hold

SMS/MMS Text Messaging

Send and receive SMS and MMS text message and group messages using your business phone numbers and the TrueVoIP User Portal and Mobile Apps

Conference Bridges

Allows multiple callers to call into a central bridge and join the same call

Detailed Call History with MOS Quality Scores

View and filter call history based on users, devices, inbound vs outbound, and more.  Use the MOS score to determine and troubleshoot the quality of each call

Automatic Hold

When on a call, and you select a new outgoing line, the system places the original call on hold and you receive dial tone

Dial by Name Directory

Allows incoming callers to find the right user by searching their name in a directory

​(Automatic Call Distribution)

Automatically route calls in a call center environment to the appropriate agents based on various factors

Call Barge

In a call center, allow a supervisor to break into a call at another agent extension

Call Monitor

In a call center, allow a supervisor to silently listen in on a call between an agent and a caller

Call Whisper​

In a call center, allow a supervisor to discretely communicate with an agent without the caller knowing

Group Pickup

Answer a call ringing in on a different phone within a specific group, site, or company

Extension Mobility

Login to your extension at another phone and load your settings and messages

Follow Me​

Configure multiple ring destinations to ensure you never miss important calls when you're away from your desk

​(Message Waiting Indicator)

Receive a flashing light or pop up message on your phone display to alert of you new voicemail messages

Speed Dial Buttons

Quickly dial frequently called numbers by configuring a one touch button your phone

User Portal

The TrueVoIP User Portal allows users to access their most common features and settings such as voicemail, call history, Webphone, and more

Manager Portal

The TrueVoIP Manager Portal is where office manager users go to manage their system.  Add, delete, and edit users, devices, and features.  Change schedules and call routing, and much more.

CRM Integration

Ask for details

TrueVoIP Supported Phones

What is a TrueVoIP Supported Device?

TrueVoIP supported phones have been fully tested for maximum compatibility on the TrueVoIP platform.  These devices have been tested and certified using specific firmware versions and are guaranteed to work with at least a minimum user feature set.

Phones not listed may be fully compatible.  For inquires about a specific device model please see our help site and open a ticket.

Yealink Phones

SIP-T30Entry-Level  Desk Phone 10 2.3" 2 x 10/100 X X
 SIP-T30P Entry-Level Desk Phone 1 0 2.3" 2 x 10/100 Yes X
 SIP-T31  Entry-Level Desk Phone 2 2 2.3" 2 x 10/100 X  X
 SIP-T31P Entry-Level Desk Phone
 2 2 2.3" 2 x 10/100 Yes  X
 SIP-T31G  Entry-Level Desk Phone 2 22.3"
2 x Gigabit Yes  X
 SIP-T33P Entry-Level Desk Phone 4 4 2.4" Color 2 x 10/100 Yes  X
 SIP-T33G Entry-Level Desk Phone 4 42.4" Color 2 x Gigabit Yes  X
 SIP-T40P Entry-Level Desk Phone 3 32.3"  2 x 10/100 Yes X
 SIP-T40GEntry-Level Desk Phone
 3 32.3" 2 x Gigabit YesX 
 SIP-T41SEntry-Level Desk Phone
6  62.7"  2 x 10/100Yes X
 SIP-T42SEntry-Level Desk Phone
12 6  2.7"2 x Gigabit YesX 
 SIP-T46S Mid-Level Desk Phone16 10 4.3" Color  2 x Gigabit YesX 
 SIP-T48S Executive-Level Desk Phone 1630 Touch  7" Color Touchscreen2 x GigabitYes  X
 SIP-T53 Mid-Level Desk Phone 12 83.7" 2 x Gigabit YesX 
 SIP-T53W Mid-Level Desk Phone 12 83.7" 2 x GigabitYesYes
 SIP-T54W Mid-Level Desk Phone 16 10 4.3" Color2 x GigabitYesYes
SIP-T57W Executive-Level Desk Phone16 30 Touch 7" Color Touchscreen 2 x GigabitYesYes
W60PDECT Wireless Phone 1 0 2.4" Color NA NAX
 CP920 Basic Conference Phone1  03.1" 10/100  Yes Yes
 CP930DECT Wireless Conference Phone  1 0 3.1" NANANo
 CP960Executive Conference Phone  1 0 5" Color Touchscreen10/100 Yes Yes

Poly Phones (Polycom)

VVX 101Entry-Level  Desk Phone 12 2.5"10/100YesX
VVX 150 Entry-Level Desk Phone 2 2 2.5"2 x 10/100YesX
VVX 201  Entry-Level Desk Phone 2 2 2.5"2 x 10/100
VVX 250 Entry-Level Desk Phone
 44  2.8" Color2 x Gigabit YesX
VVX 301  Entry-Level Desk Phone6 33.2"2 x 10/100YesX
VVX 311 Entry-Level Desk Phone 633.2"2 x GigabitYesX
VVX 350 Entry-Level Desk Phone6 63.5" Color2 x GigabitYesX
VVX 401 Mid-Level Desk Phone12 123.5" Color2 x 10/100YesX
VVX 411Mid-Level Desk Phone
12123.5" Color2 x GigabitYesX
VVX 450Mid-Level Desk Phone
12124.3" Color2 x GigabitYesX
VVX 501Executive-Level Desk Phone
12123.5" Color Touchscreen2 x GigabitYesX
VVX 601 Executive-Level Desk Phone16164.3" Color Touchscreen2 x GigabitYesX
VVX D230DECT Wireless Phone 102" ColorNANAX
TRIO 8300 Basic Conference Phone103.5"GigabitYesYes
TRIO 8500Executive Conference Phone 105" Color TouchscreenGigabitYesX
 TRIO 8800Executive Conference Phone 105" Color Touchscreen2 x GigabitYesYes

Cisco Phones

6821Entry-Level  Desk Phone222.5"2 x 10/100YesX
6841Entry-Level  Desk Phone 4 43.5" 2 x Gigabit  X X
 6851Entry-Level  Desk Phone 4 4 3.5" 2 x Gigabit Yes X
 6861Entry-Level  Desk Phone 44  3.2"10/100  X Yes
6871 Entry-Level  Desk Phone 6 6 3.5" Color2 x Gigabit Yes X
 7811 Entry-Level  Desk Phone 1 0 3.28"2 x 10/100  YesX 
 7821Entry-Level  Desk Phone 22 3.5"  2 x 10/100 Yes X
 7841Entry-Level  Desk Phone 4 43.5" 2 x Gigabit Yes  X
 7861Mid-Level  Desk Phone16 16 3.5" 2 x 10/100 Yes X 
 8811Mid-Level Desk Phone 10 10  5"2 x Gigabit  Yes X
 8841Mid-Level Desk Phone 10  10 5" Color 2 x Gigabit Yes X
 8845Mid-Level Desk Phone10 10  5" Color2 x Gigabit YesX 
 8851Mid-Level Desk Phone 1010  5" Color2 x Gigabit YesX 
 8861Executive-Level Desk Phone 10 10 5" Color2 x GigabitYes  Yes
 8865Executive-Level Desk Phone10  105" Color2 x Gigabit Yes Yes
 7832Basic Conference Phone  1 03.4" 10/100 Yes X 
 8832Executive Conference Phone 103.9" Color  10/100Yes X 

TrueVoIP Cloud PBX Pricing

The following section outlines basic pricing for TrueVoIP Cloud PBX.  For an official quote, contact us any way you'd like.

Unlimited User

Includes all user features.  Unlimited calling to the US and Canada included.

Starting at

Phone Number

Buy new phone numbers, or bring your existing ones with you.  TrueVoIP will never charge you porting fees.


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